Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Read the following carefully, as your purchase or use of our product(s) implies that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions. (We reserves the right to change or modify current Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.)

This site, www.paymasterclub.com, is owned and operated by Wealth Space, LLC. (herein after referred to as Wealth Space LLC., WS, We or Company). Please carefully read, review and be sure you understand our Terms and Conditions prior to downloading or using any of the materials or products from paymasterclub.com. You should carefully read all of our terms and conditions as your purchase or use of any Wealth Space product(s) or services and use of this Website and any materials or products available herein identifies that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions and that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions accordingly. If you do not agree to these terms then you should leave this Website immediately, not use any of the materials or Products available herein, and/or not subscribe to this service.


Under no circumstances shall Wealth Space be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of data or profit, arising out of the use, or the inability to use, the materials on this site, even if Wealth Space or an authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If your use of materials from this site results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of equipment or data, you assume any costs thereof.


Our digital products are created in WordPress, an open source software released under the Godaddy patent https://www.godaddy.com/legal/patent-notice?

2.a Duration of the License and Renewal

Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. A valid and active license key is required in order to have access to updates, support, and downloads for the purchased products.

2.b Software Updates

Updates are included for free for one year. If you have a valid and active license key, and your extension(s) or theme(s) support it, updates will be delivered automatically from the WordPress dashboard. If your extension(s) or your theme(s) does not support automatic upgrades, then updates can be downloaded from the page “My Downloads” in your reserved area in our site.

2.c Support Services

Support for purchased extensions and themes is given up to one year after the purchase date. If you wish to get support after one year, you must renew your license key, purchase Priority Support access, or purchase a new license for the extension or theme you wish to get support for.

2.d Refunds

Once your payment is received, our IT Team will immediately customize a User Account for you. No Refunds will be issued.


Wealth Space products come with a yearly license that renews automatically every month. This applies to all paid products.

The PayMaster M1 subscription will automatically renew every month. Please, note the following details regarding Wealth Space product license subscriptions:

  • Product subscription renewals are automatically processed monthly on the same date of your first purchase. The PayMaster M1 renewal will continue and remain valid for each month unless the subscription is cancelled before the renewal date.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time from your Account page on WS website. If you choose to cancel your subscription, starting from the moment your license expires you will no longer receive updates nor support for the product purchased.

We cannot grant refunds on renewal payments. We will send you an email 1 week prior to the renewal date, and you may use this opportunity to cancel your subscription before the renewal payment is automatically processed.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, your license will expire exactly on the same

day and month of the original purchase, and you will no longer receive updates nor support for the Wealth Space products you have purchased.

You may not provide direct, or indirect access to our content or downloads, resell, share, or publish Wealth Space subscription credentials or access; nor are you allowed to make Wealth Space plugins available for public download in ways that violate the Terms of the GPL 2.0 license. Do not infringe any intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights).

We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel your subscription and revoke membership access for any reason we deem appropriate.


You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of Wealth Space, LLC. Our products are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall our juridical person be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.

You may not resell, share, or publish subscription credentials or access. You may not provide direct, or indirect access to our content or downloads.


Our products are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. We do not guarantee that themes will work in all browsers, nor do we guarantee that our themes will be functional with all versions of WordPress. We do not guarantee compatibility with any additional third party plugins, scripts, or applications.


Product updates are available to customers who have made a purchase and have an active license. All templates are always designed to be compatible with the latest available version of WordPress, but we can give no guarantee, that older templates will run with future versions of WordPress. We are however committed to doing our best to make all the themes compatible with future releases of WordPress.


You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our products to fit your specific needs. You may remove our credit links under the understanding that all themes downloaded are still copyright of Wealth Space, LLC, and that all files utilized must retain their respective licenses.


All payments are handled through using PayPal or Zelle. If payment is made via Zelle, please send to Wealth Space LLC, Zelle ID: WealthSpace IMO@gmail.com.


After we have successfully received your payment, your PayMaster M1 setup will be emailed to the email address you provided. This may take up to 24 hours but usually happens within the hour. If you do not receive an email after this time period, contact us through our website.


Wealth Space reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, a subscription (or any part thereof) with or without notice. We also reserve the right to change our product prices individually at any time without prior notice.


Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, buttons, layout, and text contained in this website are the exclusive property of Wealth Space, LLC and its related, affiliated and subsidiary agencies, and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of Wealth Space, LLC.

Privacy Policy of paymasterclub.com

Paymasterclub.com collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

  • Analytics
  • Google Analytics and Analytics collected directly Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data
  • Backup saving and management
  • Backup on Dropbox

Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service o Contacting the User

  • Contact form

Personal Data: email address; first name; last name; phone number

  • Phone contact

Personal Data: phone number

  • Mailing list or newsletter

Personal Data: country; email address; first name; last name o Content commenting

  • Comment system managed directly

Personal Data: Cookies; email address; first name; website o Content performance and features testing (A/B testing)

  • Google Optimize

Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data o Handling payments

  • PayPal & Zelle

Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service o Managing contacts and sending messages

  • Mailchimp

Personal Data: address; company name; country; email address; first name; last name; phone number; Usage Data; username; various types of Data

Managing support and contact requests

  • Email

Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service o Registration and authentication

  • Direct registration

Personal Data: email address; username o RSS feed management

  • Feedburner

Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data o SPAM protection

  • Google reCAPTCHA

Personal Data: Cookies; Usage Data

Further information about Personal Data

  • Selling goods and services online

The Personal Data collected are used to provide the User with services or to sell goods, including payment and possible delivery.

The Personal Data collected to complete the payment may include the credit card, the bank account used for the transfer, or any other means of payment envisaged. The kind of Data collected by paymasterclub.com depends on the payment system used.

  • Analysis and predictions based on the User’s Data (“profiling”)

The Owner may use the Personal and Usage Data collected through paymasterclub.com to create or update User profiles. This type of Data processing allows the Owner to evaluate User choices, preferences and behavior for the purposes outlined in the respective section of this document.

User profiles can also be created through the use of automated tools like algorithms, which can also be provided by third parties. To find out more about the profiling activities performed, Users can check the relevant sections of this document.

The User always has a right to object to this kind of profiling activity. To find out more about the User’s rights and how to exercise them, the User is invited to consult the section of this document outlining the rights of the User.

  • Personal Data collected through sources other than the User

The Owner of paymasterclub.com may have legitimately collected Personal Data relating to Users without their knowledge by reusing or sourcing them from third parties on the grounds mentioned in the section specifying the legal basis of processing.

Where the Owner has collected Personal Data in such a manner, Users may find specific information regarding the source within the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the Owner.

  • Automated decision-making

Automated decision-making means that a decision which is likely to have legal effects or similarly significant effects on the User, is taken solely by technological means, without any human intervention. Paymasterclub.com may use the User’s Personal Data to make decisions entirely or partially based on automated processes according to the purposes outlined in this document. Paymasterclub.com adopts automated decision-making processes as far as necessary to enter into or perform a contract between User and Owner, or on the basis of the User’s explicit consent, where such consent is required by the law.

Automated decisions are made by technological means – mostly based on algorithms subject to predefined criteria – which may also be provided by third parties.

The rationale behind the automated decision making is:

  • to enable or otherwise improve the decision-making process;
  • to grant Users fair and unbiased treatment based on consistent and uniform criteria;
  • to reduce the potential harm derived from human error, personal bias and the like which may potentially lead to discrimination or imbalance in the treatment of individuals etc.;
  • to reduce the risk of User’s failure to meet their obligation under a contract. To find out more about the purposes, the third-party services, if any, and any specific rationale for automated decisions used within paymasterclub.com, Users can check the relevant sections in this document.

Consequences of automated decision-making processes for Users and rights of Users subjected to it

As a consequence, Users subject to such processing, are entitled to exercise specific rights aimed at preventing or otherwise limiting the potential effects of the automated decisions taken. In particular, Users have the right to:

  • obtain an explanation about any decision taken as a result of automated decision-making and express their point of view regarding this decision;
  • challenge a decision by asking the Owner to reconsider it or take a new decision on a different basis;
  • request and obtain from the Owner human intervention on such processing. To learn more about the User’s rights and the means to exercise them, the User is invited to consult the section of this document relating to the rights of the User.

Contact information

Owner and Data Controller

Wealth Space LLC

Email: cs@wsimo.com


Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription from your profile at any time.

What is a subscription for a product?

A subscription entitles you to support and updates for your product for month-to-month and renews automatically monthly.

What happens when a subscription expires?

You don’t have to think about that, because payment is automated. If the payment fails, our system will make 3 new attempts. If all payment attempts fail, your subscription will be cancelled and in order to be re-enabled to support and updates, you’ll have to purchase a new subscription.